Porsche • Autostadt

Construction and composition of Porsche’s promotional area in Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany

G. van Harten BV’s team organised the construction and composition of Porsche’s extraordinarily constructed promotional area in the heart of Autostadt Wolfsburg during a five month period. Autostadt is a large park, measuring a total of 25 hectares, accommodating many pavilions all about cars and car technologies. Every Volkswagen Group brand has its own pavilion.

The extraordinary sculpture is made up of 540 tons of stainless steel. G.Van Harten BVorganised the transport fromStralsundto the very difficult to reach site inWolfsburg. The individual pieces were an average of 6 meters wide, a maximum of 26 meters in length and weighed 25 tons each. The different pieces were assembled on site and subsequently positioned until the building was complete. G.Van Harten BVdesigned and welded the support system which was used to support the cantilever canopy, which has a 26 meter span and a width totalling 40 meters.

Centraal Staal BV (Central Steel), Groningen

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