G. van Harten BV
Makes light of heavy work

G. van Harten BV
Makes light of heavy work

G. van Harten BV
Makes light of heavy work

G. van Harten BV
Makes light of heavy work

When the job is too heavy, it is time to get assistance
G. van Harten BV.

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We supply customised equipment for every relocation of a machine or an industrial removal. If the existing equipment not sufficient, we develop other systems. If we need a specific hoisting means or a lift-gate portal for your project, then we produce it ourselves and subsequently deliver it after testing and certification.

Below you will find a selection of our standard equipment.

Fork-lift trucks
We have fork-lift trucks that operate on gas, diesel and electricity. G. van Harten adapts to the needs of our customers and the current legislation. When carrying out lifting and hoisting work, we apply the latest technologies.

Hydraulic lift-gate portals / gantries up to 1100 ton
A hydraulic lift-gate portal is often the solution for hoisting, tilting or positioning heavy loads. Our equipment takes up relatively little room compared to the footprint of a crane. A regular crane hoists from the centre of the crane to hoisting point of the load; with a hydraulic lift-gate portal we hoist in between the legs. This method is very suitable for lifting and positioning objects in small areas, both inside and outside. G. van Harten has various types of lift-gate portals with varying hoisting capabilities.

Skidding and Jacking
G. van Harten has skidding and jacking equipment for relocating heavy components such as transformers, ship engines and modules in an economically and technically responsible manner. These systems offer the possibility to relocated relatively light objects horizontally and vertically, for example when unloading transformers and positioning them on a foundation and when mounting propeller shafts in the shipbuilding industry.

In addition, we have the following in-house:

  • Cranes
  • Multi-cranes
  • Automatic loading cranes
  • Tool carriages
  • Heavy air cushions for relocating and hoisting
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Lift-gate portals / gantries in all categories
  • Self-propelling transport lorries
  • Generators in different kilovolt-amperes
  • Road sweepers in various sizes
  • Lighting cars with generator
  • Rolling equipment in many categories
  • Large selection of step stools, steel plates, dragline mats
  • A large and certified range of steel lift or support beams
  • Skidding capacity for excessive tonnages
  • Large-capacity jacks

When the job is too heavy, it is time to get assistance… and that means it is the time to turn to G. van Harten BV.

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